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3 Reasons for Hiring an AC Repair Service in Fort Myers, FL

Fort Myers, FL, is a beautiful place to call home. It's also a hot and sticky place, with nearly 54 inches of rain and a July average temperature of 90° Fahrenheit. Living here without a functioning AC is not an option. That's why from time to time, you'll need to call in a local company for AC repair. A Fort Myers AC repair company will have seen it all before. Don't waste time scratching your head and trying to find a DIY solution online.

Let's explore three reasons why you need Fort Myers AC repair services to keep you cool year-round.

1. Protect Your Investment

In Fort Myers, you rely on your AC every month of the year. In more northern parts of the country, it might get a few months of rest in the winter. This means that the chances of things going wrong are higher.

The average cost of a new HVAC system is around $7,500. In larger homes, they can easily cost more than $12,000. That's an expense most of us want to face as infrequently as possible.

If you notice warning signs, it's wise to call AC repair services right away. Getting small repairs done promptly can help you to avoid expensive major repairs in the future.

2. Safety First

Carrying out an AC repair might look straightforward when you watch a video about it online. But in the real world, things can be a lot more tricky. To perform an AC repair safely, you need to have a good understanding of how the system works and how to avoid being electrocuted.

If you call an AC repair service, your AC will be repaired by highly trained and experienced technicians. They have seen it all before and know exactly how to tackle common AC repairs.

They will follow all relevant safety protocols. They will shut off the power and handle your repair according to the manufacturer's recommendations. This will avoid damaging the unit and will keep the warranty intact.

You can have peace of mind knowing that the repair will be safe and your family will be protected going forward.

3. Fast and Reliable

If you call a local company for AC repair in Fort Myers, they'll be there as soon as possible. The best companies are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

They have the tools and parts needed to carry out successful AC repairs on time and with minimal fuss.

Call Romeo for AC Repair

Even in the middle of winter, nobody in Fort Myers, FL, wants to be left without a working AC.

Whenever you need AC repair, call Romeo Air Conditioning Inc. We offer a 24/7 service to our valued customers. Our technicians have an average of 25 years of experience in troubleshooting HVAC problems.

Trust us to complete your AC repair promptly and safely. Call us at 239-237-1518 or schedule a visit online today!

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How Often Should You Service Your AC in Naples, FL

Naples is one of the hottest places in the country during the summer and early fall.

If you're a Naples resident, then you know how much you rely on your air conditioning in the summer months. When an AC unit goes down, it's usually due to something that could have easily been prevented with proper maintenance.

It's important to service your AC on a regular basis so that you can keep your indoor air nice and cool when it's 30 plus outside. In this post, we're going to give you some maintenance service tips and tell you how often you should be seeking professional maintenance.

There's no sense in avoiding AC maintenance, so keep reading and learn how to do it the right way.

Why It's Important to Service Your AC

By maintaining your AC unit on a regular basis, you'll increase its overall lifespan and boost efficiency. Regular maintenance prevents the need for bigger repairs and premature replacement, ensuring that small issues don't become expensive ones.

If you run your AC unit without maintenance, dust and debris will start to accumulate on the filters and coils. This debris will start to damage these important components of your unit, eventually deteriorating them to the point that they're unusable.

In addition, dirty filters and coils create dirty air, which can lead to allergies and respiratory issues. It can also promote the growth of other microbes and even mold, which can lead to bigger problems in the home.

How Often Should You Get AC Service?

At the very least, you should service your AC at least once per year, before the summer. A technician will come in and inspect all of the components of your AC unit while cleaning the coils and ducts, and replacing the filters.

They'll also make sure the thermostat works properly and the condensate pumps are functioning. Everything will be inspected for dirt and debris, then cleaned as required.

If there are any repairs to be made, your AC technician will bring them to your attention. Most small repairs are quick and affordable. It's when you continue to run the AC that you start to see expensive problems.

At Romeo Air Conditioning Inc., we offer affordable maintenance service plans. With this, you'll get preventative maintenance on a regular basis, ensuring your AC system is functioning at a high level for as long as possible. All of our Maintenance Agreement Program customers also enjoy 15% off of repairs should they be required.

Finding the best AC Maintenance Service

Now that you know how often you should service your AC unit, it's time to hire the best AC maintenance service in Naples. Romeo Air Conditioning Inc. is a 5-star family-owned HVAC business with 25 years of HVAC experience.

If you want your air conditioner to stand the test of time, visit our site to learn more about our maintenance plans. To schedule your maintenance or 24/7 emergency repairs, don't hesitate to contact us ASAP.

What to Do When Your Air Conditioner Is Leaking in Bonita Springs, FL

The average high temperature in Bonita Springs, FL during September ranges from 87°F to 89°F. High temperatures like this mean that your air conditioning unit needs to be in good working order. You don't want to end up without a way to cool down your home. One of the most common issues people experience is an air conditioner leaking.

But if you're not an HVAC professional, you likely don't know what to do if you notice a leak. In this post, we'll go over exactly what to do if you notice that your air conditioner is leaking.

Keep reading to learn more!

Turn Off the AC

The first thing you should do when you notice your AC unit is leaking is shut it off. Even if it still seems to be working, you should turn it off to protect your home and the unit itself.

Continuing to use your AC while it's leaking can lead to severe damage to the internal components of the unit, and to your home's walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture.

Check the Condensate Drain Line and Drain Pan

A clogged condensate drain line is one of the most common causes of a leaking AC. If the drain line is not cleaned periodically then the dirt and debris collected by your AC unit can clog it and lead to leaks.

First, locate the drain pan and check that it's in good condition. Damaged drain pans can lead to water collecting and leaking instead of going out through the condensate drain line. If the pan is cracked, it's likely the cause of your leak and will need to be replaced or repaired.

If the drain pan is in good condition, you'll need to clear the drain line of any clogs. Use a wire brush to clean out the line. If a wire brush isn't enough, it may need professional equipment to clean it instead.

Clean the Air Filter

Clogged air filters not only impact the quality of the air in your home but can also lead to leaks. A clogged air filter makes it harder for the hot air you're trying to cool to pass through. This can lead to the evaporator coils freezing up and leaking.

You should be cleaning your air filters regularly, and even more frequently during the peak AC season.

Call a Professional

It gets very hot in Bonita Springs and you don't want to risk living with a broken AC longer than necessary. If you try and fix the leak on your own there is the risk that you won't be able to fix it, or you'll accidentally create a bigger problem.

Hiring a professional AC repair company can help to save you time and stress and make sure that your AC is back working in no time.

Pay Attention If Your Air Conditioner Is Leaking

You rely on your air conditioner to keep your home cool and comfortable in the hot Bonita Springs climate. Make sure you pay attention if your air conditioner is leaking, and get it fixed as soon as possible.

If you're looking for an AC repair or maintenance company in the Bonita Springs area, the professionals at Romeo Air Conditioning, Inc. can help! Get in touch today.

home humid with the ac on

Why Is My Marco Island, FL Home Humid With the AC On?

Marco Island is a slice of paradise in the state of Florida. Located in the Gulf of Mexico, Marco Island boasts beautiful beaches and plenty of outdoor activities. Because of this, it's no wonder you decided to move to this oasis.

But what they don't tell you is Marco Island summers are hot, humid, and last way too long. But no problem, right? I have AC! Until you realize your home humidity is as bad as the outdoor air.

Is your home humid with the AC on? There could be a few reasons why. Continue reading to find out more, about how to improve your indoor air quality, and when it's time to hire a professional.


Is your home too humid? First, ask yourself, how many people are living in my home? Even if your AC is working fine, the air may not be able to accommodate everyone living on your property.

A common reason why humidity occurs is if there are too many warm bodies in your home. Your AC won't be able to remove the excess humidity from your property.

There are a few things you can do. See if you can reduce the number of people living in your home. If you cannot, talk to a cooling contractor to recommend a more powerful AC unit.

Air Conditioning Issues

Of course, AC issues may be why your home feels humid. The evaporator coils in an AC unit dehumidify your space. These coils will use refrigerant to cool and dehumidify your home. There may be a few reasons why your AC unit isn't dehumidifying your home.

Too much dirt, dust, and debris can disrupt the refrigerant cycle. If you suspect this is the issue, you should hire a professional to check your air conditioner.

High Humidity Outside

During the summer months, humidity levels on Marco Island could reach over 80%. Even if your AC is running, the high humidity levels will affect your home. This is especially true during thunderstorms, a common problem for Floridians. Rain on a hot day increases moisture levels more, making your home feel hot and sticky.

Even if it's a humid day outside, it may still be time to consult a professional. They can recommend the right air conditioning unit for your home.


Do you notice you have to run the fan or crack a window when cooking? If your kitchen doesn't have proper ventilation, cooking can cause humidity issues. This especially happens when cooking on the stove. Water from the stove will evaporate, adding more moisture to the air.

This issue may not require a consultation with an AC company. Most kitchens have a fan that you can turn on to increase air circulation and reduce the humidity in your home.

Is Your Home Humid With the AC On?

Home humidity with the AC on is a common problem for Floridians. You'll still want to contact a professional. Marco Island is hot and humid, and you don't have to suffer at home.

We offer AC repair, heating, and cooling maintenance, and can check the quality of your HVAC systems. Contact us today if you need AC repair near me.

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3 Tell-Tale Signs You Have an AC Emergency in Bonita Springs, Florida

There's no mistake that this summer has been quite a grueling experience. We've even had regions in the United States reach triple-digit highs! In times like these, you need to know that your air conditioner is reliable and will keep you cool. With that said, you'll want to keep a close eye on your AC in case it needs repairs. But how can you tell if an AC emergency is about to happen before the problem strikes?

This article will help you to recognize the signs of problems with your air conditioner so you can figure out what to do next. Read on to find out more!

1. Your Thermostat Isn’t Working

One of the most obvious signs that you need AC repair services is when you find that your thermostat is not working. Your thermostat should constantly be checking the state of the temperature in your home and should activate when your set levels are reached.

If your temperature has increased past your set limit and your AC unit still hasn't kicked back in, there may be something wrong with it. In most cases, it involves a simple replacement of the battery, but there could be more going on behind the scenes.

2. The Fan Isn’t Moving

The outside fan is an important part of the air conditioning unit. It helps to remove the hot air circulating the house and aids in cooling the rooms. That said, if your fan isn't working, this should be cause for concern.

Since the fan is constantly moving to do its job, there's a good chance that the motor is worn out from overuse. It could also be a problem concerning your electrical power source. In any case, you'll want to have this looked into to prevent extra damage to your unit.

3. You Detect Strange Smells

Do you smell something odd coming from your AC vent? It may be a warning sign that something is wrong with your unit.

A musty or burning smell is a sign that your AC could mean a problem in your unit's ductwork. This could include physical damage to the internal system itself and will need to be repaired by a professional.

On the lighter side, the smell could also simply mean that your air conditioner needs to be sanitized. Talk with a local contractor to see what steps you need to take next.

Take Care of Your AC Emergency Now

Now that you know how to recognize a problem with your air conditioner, you can tackle any AC emergency before it becomes severe. That being said, some AC problems may be too much for a DIY project to handle. You'll want someone you can trust to return your air conditioner to top form — and we can help you do just that.

Romeo Air Conditioning has been a leader in the HVAC industry for years, and we continue to impress our customers with our handiwork. We offer plenty of air conditioning services, including AC maintenance and repairs, replacements, and air quality tests.

Please feel free to browse through our site to see everything we have to offer and give us a call if you want to schedule our services. Let us help you get out of the summer heat today!

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3 Common AC Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid for Homeowners in Naples, FL

It's not uncommon for average temperatures in Naples, Florida, to reach nearly 100-degrees during the summer. As if that weren't reason enough to have you looking up AC repair near me, humidity is sometimes nearly 100% during July and August. Simply put, not having AC in Naples, FL, is not an option - especially when it's hot outside.

Even having under-performing air conditioning can be miserable during the hottest days of the year. To help you get ready for the summer, we've put together some regular AC maintenance tips.

This will help you avoid the most common AC issues or see if you need to schedule an AC repair-free estimate.

1. Change The Filter

By far, one of the first and most common AC issues reported to AC companies is simply due to a dirty AC filter. This is largely due to the fact that many homeowners don't realize how important the filter is to a functional air conditioner.

Not changing your air conditioner's filter often enough can even impact the indoor air quality.

If your AC is turned up to full blast and is still pumping out lukewarm air, the first thing to try is to get a new AC filter before calling anyone out to repair AC units.

2. Irregular Maintenance

Air conditioners need to be maintained regularly, like any other piece of complicated machinery. This is especially true someplace like Naples, FL, where it's so warm year-round.

Considering how important AC is to have a good quality of life in Florida, we highly advise creating a regular maintenance schedule for your outdoor AC unit and window units. Check common issues like air conditioner leaking/AC pan leaking, filters, and the like.

It's a good idea to have professional AC companies look at your unit at least once a year, as well.

This will help keep your AC unit running smoothly for as long as possible. It will also alert you if you need to schedule an AC repair-free estimate or even a free furnace estimate.

3. Using An Outdated Thermostat

Many people don't realize that it's not enough to maintain your AC unit. Your thermostat plays as much of a part in how your AC functions as an air conditioning unit. Updated thermostats have all manner of energy-saving features, for one thing.

Not only will this help save on energy bills, but it also keeps wear and tear to your AC unit to a minimum.

Taking the time to avoid common AC issues means you won't have to search for AC repairs near me anytime soon! It also ensures you'll be able to enjoy your summer in Naples in cool comfort.

Need AC Repair Near Me?

Are you in Bonita Springs, Marco Island, Naples, Florida, or nearby? You'll want to prepare for the coming warm weather months! If your AC isn't performing at peak power and you've been looking up AC repair near me, get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation.

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Is the AC Not Blowing Cold Air in Your Bonita Springs, Florida Home?

Summer is almost here, and blistering Florida temperatures are already putting a burden on air conditioning systems. In August, temperatures in Bonita Springs reach an apex.

The average temperature is more than 88° Fahrenheit. It is not uncommon for temperatures to break 100° F throughout the summer.

What does this mean for your AC unit? The AC is running constantly to keep up the desired room temperatures. For many homeowners that fail to keep up with AC maintenance, this means their unit eventually fails.

Is your AC not blowing cold air near Bonita Spring, Florida? Read on to explore topics such as AC repair services and who to call for AC blowing warm air.

Reasons for Air Conditioner Blowing Warm Air

There are many different reasons behind a home AC blowing warm air. In some cases, there is a simple and inexpensive repair.

Other failures require professional diagnosis and repair. Continue reading for a breakdown of common reasons why your AC is not working properly:


If you are lucky, the thermostat is the reason your AC is blowing hot air. Replacing a thermostat or its batteries is one of the simplest maintenance steps to perform.

For some, it may be as simple as switching the fan from on to auto mode. Try lowering your thermostat to a low temperature to see if the AC starts pushing out colder air.

Power Issue

Your AC unit may not be receiving power. This is a potentially easy fix as it may be a tripped amp breaker or a blown fuse.

However, power issues may be more ominous. Wiring or other electrical issues may necessitate expensive rework.

Evaporator Coil

When warm air passes through the AC unit, the evaporator coil extracts heat with its refrigerant. The air is cooled and then re-routed throughout your home.

If warm air is being sent instead, it is possible that the evaporator coil is not working. Your service technician may determine new refrigerant is required or a replacement evaporator coil.

Another possibility is that the evaporator coil is frozen. This occurs when hot air is not extracted by the coil.

There are a few reasons why your coil may not be receiving warm air. Clogged air filters and coils covered in dirt and grime are two of the most common reasons.

Air Compressor

Your compressor is responsible for taking hot gases and compressing them into vapor. It then passes the hot vapors to the AC condenser for the final step of the process.

Failure modes include contaminants entering the system. Metal particles or rust are capable of blocking the refrigerant flow. Severed wiring is also a possibility that necessitates professional repair.

Is the AC Not Blowing Cold Air in your Bonita Springs, Florida Home?

A lack of cold air in your home is a major problem leading to the summer months. The root cause could be several different issues with your AC unit.

The best course of action is to call in a professional service technician to inspect and repair your unit. If you have an AC not blowing cold air near Bonita Springs, Florida, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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Air Conditioning Systems: Find the Cheapest Near Fort Myers, FL

Window air conditioners are a thing of the past. This is especially true if you live near the Fort Myers, FL area. The big question is, how do we find the most affordable air conditioning systems for our homes?

When discussing affordability when it comes to air conditioning you aren't only thinking about the system itself. You want a unit that is energy efficient as well. This will help you save money in the long run, not only during the initial buying process.

Let's take a look at how you can choose an affordable cooling unit for your home around Fort Meyers, FL, and stay within budget.

Contact a Professional for Assistance

Possibly one of the most important parts of choosing air conditioning for your home is contacting a professional. HVAC and air conditioning service specialists are ideal for explaining the different types of units and what they can do. You'll also need a team to install your air conditioning unit so you're already on your way to cooler air inside your home.

When choosing a local Fort Meyers, FL HVAC team, you should do a bit of research. Read their customer reviews, understand what they offer, and check for any complaints. This will help you decide whether they are the team you want to work with. Keep this information in mind when choosing other service specialists, including car air conditioning professionals.

Ask Questions

In most cases, the professionals will suggest central heating and air unit. These air conditioners use ducts to deliver cool air throughout your home. But is one right for you?

Before you purchase a unit, ask questions. Knowing how energy efficient a unit is can help you with future costs. You also want warranty information, air conditioner repair issues, and upfront costs broken down so you know what to expect.

Types of Air Conditioning Systems

While central heating and air unit may be the most popular, that doesn't mean it's right for your Florida home. Perhaps you would prefer a ductless system? This is another popular option many homeowners are choosing instead.

A ductless air conditioner uses air handlers inside your home and an outdoor unit to provide cool air. These types of units are growing in popularity but aren't suitable for everyone. They are more costly and should only be considered for homes without well-maintained ductwork already in place.

Energy Costs

As we've mentioned, any air conditioning unit you install will cost money when it comes time to pay your energy bill. Luckily, when you step away from window units, you'll see savings after you pay for the initial installation.

To help lower your energy costs with air conditioning you can take a few extra steps. Leaving your thermostat at a comfortable temperature and keeping the windows covered help reduce energy use to save money.

Are You Considering a New Air Conditioning Unit in Southwest Florida?

Choosing cost-efficient air conditioning systems doesn't need to be a hassle. If you're in Fort Meyers, FL Bonita Springs, FL Marco Island FL Naples FL, or Estero FL Romeo Air Conditioning is here to help!

Our team of experts is available to help you choose the right cooling unit for your home. Contact us today to learn more about having a new air conditioner installed before the summer heat rages.

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HVAC System Maintenance: How to Prep Your System for the Summer Ahead

Summer temperatures in Florida hover in the low to mid-90s. With hot temperatures like that, you want to verify that your HVAC system is in working order. Keeping up with HVAC system maintenance will keep you cool all summer long.

Not sure where to start with seasonal HVAC maintenance? We’ve compiled the simple steps you need to take to check that your HVAC is ready for the coming summer. Read on to find out about HVAC services in Florida.

Change the Air Filters

The number one step in HVAC maintenance is changing or cleaning your air filters. You should already be changing these every 1-3 months for the best air quality and HVAC function. Clogged air filters lower the efficiency of your HVAC system.

Air filters tend to be dirtier after winter because there is less fresh airflow in your home. Be sure to check your air filter before turning on your air conditioning unit. Having clean filters will keep your HVAC system from working too hard in the hot Florida summers!

Clean Supply Vents and Registers

Vacuum dust from the supply vents and registers so dust does not circulate through your home. If you have covered unused vents for the winter, remove them now. If your air vents have filters on them, change or clean those now.

Clean Condenser

The condenser is the outdoor part of your HVAC system. You will need to clear any debris that has gotten into or on your condenser. Be sure that the area around the cooling coils is free from any debris.

Debris on the cooling coils will reduce how well the air cools. This will result in higher energy usage and a more expensive cooling bill. Vacuum your condenser and wipe it down with a cloth to clean.

Test the Thermostat

Before summer, turn your thermostat to cool and ensure it is working. If you have a programmable thermostat, create settings for summer to improve efficiency. Find out if you need professional HVAC services before the warm months to save yourself from sweating!

HVAC Service and Replacement

If your HVAC system has seen better days, it may be time for professional service or HVAC replacement. Often, if your system isn’t working right, you can call for an HVAC maintenance service. A professional will let you know if they can repair your current system or if you need a new one.

When your cooling bills are getting higher or if your system can’t cool your entire home, you may need a new HVAC system. Other signs include if your HVAC system runs all the time or if you are always repairing it. A professional can look at your system and let you know if it needs replacing.

Even if your HVAC unit is only ten years old, replacing it can save you a lot of money! By upgrading your HVAC system, you can save between 20-40% on your cooling bills.

Schedule HVAC System Maintenance

If you would rather have a pro perform your HVAC system maintenance, we’ve got you covered! Romeo Air Conditioning services the following Florida Areas:

  • Bonita Springs
  • Marco Island
  • Fort Myers
  • Naples
  • Estero

Call us today to schedule your seasonal maintenance!

heating services

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Heating Services for You

Whether you live in Fort Myers, FL or Bonita Springs, FL, finding the right heating services for your Florida home is important. You have plenty of services and providers to choose from. How do you know how to find the right one for you?

The Sunshine State may not be known for frigid temperatures, but you're going to want to ensure that you find someone that's reliable, affordable, and can meet your needs. 

If you want to find the right installer to handle all of your HVAC needs, make sure you take these things into consideration.

1. Consider Services

You know that you need help with your home heat, but what exactly do you want to be done? Take time to think about your own heating needs so you can find someone with the right expertise. 

Do you need someone that can handle replacing an entire heating system? Is there a specialty heating unit in your home that requires certain expertise? When you consider your needs before you start your search, it's easier to find someone that can give you the service you need. 

2. Availability 

You aren't the only household that needs heating help in Florida. Winter is always a busy time for heating repair work and installation, and maintenance needs can pop up around the year.

Ask about availability when you look for heating help. Places with multiple locations could have the capacity to help you in a pinch. 

3. Certifications 

It’s important to only work with qualified and licensed professionals when you’re looking for heating help. Fully licensed technicians are trustworthy and much more able to handle what comes their way.

See if the company you’re interested in working with utilizes NATE (North American Technical Excellence) certified workers. It’s also important for companies to have insurance. This adds a layer of protection for both you and the business. 

4. Experience 

Getting someone fresh out of HVAC school may not be best for the work you need. Having years of experience in heating can make it easier to make recommendations, troubleshoot problems, and deliver an altogether more thorough and helpful experience. 

Go with companies that have years of proven experience on their staff. See how long they've been in business and how familiar they are in the area. An experienced technician that knows Marco Island and other local towns well is one you can depend on. 

5. Customer Reviews

Customer reviews play an important role in finding the right heating help. If you want to get an idea of what you'll experience, learn straight from the mouths of other customers!

Things like affordability are important, but they aren't the only things to focus on when you're looking at reviews. See what people have to say about communication, the friendliness of staff, and how satisfied they were with the overall experience. 

Find Heating Services and More Today

Finding the right heating services in Florida doesn't have to be difficult. When you focus on the right things, it's easy to get the help you need, and we're here to help you with all of your heating needs. 

We've helped countless people in Naples and Southwest Florida. If you have heating needs in Bonita Springs, FL Marco Island, FL Fort Myers, FL Naples, FL, or Estero, FL, get in touch so we can chat.