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How Indoor Air Quality Can Affect Your Health in Marco Island, FL

According to statistics, Marco Island, Florida's air quality is worse than that of 84% of other Florida cities

Does that mean it's better to stay indoors, then?

Not so fast. Air pollution isn't just a risk you face outside, especially if your home has poor indoor air quality (IAQ). 

But how exactly can exposure to poor IAQ affect you? And is there anything you can do to improve it? 

Keep reading, as we've shared the answers in this guide. 

The Health Effects of Poor Indoor Air Quality 

Poor indoor air quality refers to indoor air with high levels of pollutants. The latter includes the following: 

  • Biological contaminants like mold, mildew, bacteria, and viruses
  • Carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) 
  • Indoor particulate matter (PM) 
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) 
  • Toxic compounds like asbestos, radon, and formaldehyde

Both short- and long-term exposure to these pollutants can lead to acute and chronic health effects. Here are just some of them. 

Skin and Eye Irritation

Airborne contaminants, such as molds, PM, and chemicals, can irritate the eyes and skin. Acute effects may include itchiness and redness. Longer-term exposure may increase one's risk for skin diseases like acne, dermatitis, and eczema.

Respiratory Diseases 

Indoor air pollution can irritate the respiratory system. Short-term exposure to air pollutants can cause the following:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Runny nose
  • Wheezing
  • Chest pain
  • Allergy and asthma attacks
  • Respiratory infections

Long-term exposure to poor IAQ can also increase one's risk for lung cancer.

CO Poisoning 

Carbon monoxide is an invisible, odorless, and tasteless gas that can contribute to toxic air inside your home.

Your indoor air may contain carbon monoxide if you use a poorly vented and ill-maintained gas furnace. Other sources are kerosene heaters, gas ranges, and charcoal or wood-burning appliances.

CO poisoning can cause headaches, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, weakness, confusion, and chest pain. At high enough levels, it can cause comatose and even be deadly.

Heart Disease 

Indoor air with high PM and nitrogen oxide levels can increase your risk of heart disease. These pollutants can cause blood vessels to age early and may contribute to a hastened calcium buildup in the coronary artery.

The problem is that a blocked coronary artery restricts blood flow to the heart and blood vessels. That can increase one's risk for debilitating, even deadly, heart attacks and strokes.


In the United States, cigarette smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer. Next is radon, followed by second-hand smoke.

So, if someone in your family smokes cigarettes inside the house, the toxins in its smoke can mix with indoor air. It then becomes a source of second-hand smoke.

Radon, a naturally occurring gas, may also enter your home through cracks, gaps, and holes. It may then build up in the indoor air, lowering its quality and putting you and your loved ones at risk of lung cancer.

Cognitive Effects 

Researchers discovered a link between PM and NO2 exposure and cognitive impairment. They associate these pollutants with poor memory, attention performance, and executive function. They also found that impaired cognition was more apparent in people who stayed in places with poor ventilation for prolonged periods.

Other Possible Consequences of Poor IAQ 

Over time, poor IAQ may put your home at risk of property damage due to increased mold levels. These microorganisms feed on and break down organic matter like wood and paper. Given enough time, they can cause severe structural damage to your home.

Indoor air pollution also increases your HVAC system's maintenance needs. For instance, it can clog up your HVAC filters faster and cause foul or musty smells in your AC or furnace. As a result, you'd have to change or wash your filters and clean your HVAC system more frequently.

How to Improve IAQ in Your Marco Island Home

The first step to improving IAQ in your home is to determine its sources of indoor air pollutants. Doing so allows you to take the appropriate steps to control or eliminate them. Proper ventilation and specific technologies can further improve your IAQ.

Source Identification and Control

Some of the most common sources of indoor air pollutants are water leaks caused by faulty AC units and plumbing systems. They contribute to poor IAQ by promoting mold and mildew growth. So, if you have a leaking air conditioner or plumbing component, have it fixed by a professional ASAP.

As mentioned above, fuel-burning appliances are other typical sources of indoor air pollution. You can control their emissions with regular maintenance and by venting their gases correctly.

You should also minimize your use of air fresheners and glass cleaners. These products may contain harmful chemicals and VOCs that can lower your IAQ. Instead of using these, go for non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

Proper Ventilation

Ventilation involves intentionally introducing outdoor air into an indoor space. It can help boost IAQ by diluting and displacing indoor air pollutants. Some strategies include opening doors and windows and using exhaust fans.

You can ventilate your home on days when Marco Island has low outdoor pollution levels. You can check this online via websites that track the day's Air Quality Index (AQI).

Technologies for Better IAQ

You can control indoor humidity levels with a dehumidifier, a device that sucks moisture out of the air. It makes your home less humid, lowering the odds of mold growth, too.

You can also boost your home's IAQ with a high-quality air purifier. Ideally, it should use a HEPA filter that can capture up to 99.7% of unwanted particles in the air.

Cleaner Air for a Healthier You

Poor indoor air quality can cause eye and skin irritations, lung problems, CO poisoning, and heart disease. So, if anyone in your family experiences the symptoms of poor IAQ, it's time to get the problem under control.

Our expert technicians at Romeo Air Conditioning, who have an average of 25 years of work experience, can help you get started. Although we're a NATE-certified Carrier FAD dealer, we service all HVAC makes and models. We also possess certifications proving our HVAC work qualifications, including IAQ assessments and improvements.

So, if you're ready to breathe easier, contact us today! We'll happily discuss how our HVAC and IAQ services can benefit your entire family.

ac smells musty

My Fort Myers, FL AC Smells Musty - What Should I Do?

Your air conditioner should not have an odor. It should hum along, keeping your home cool and comfortable without strange aromas. When your AC smells musty, don't let it linger!

In Fort Meyers, FL, where humidity can take a toll, you need a properly working AC. That musty odor could be a warning sign. You may have an underlying issues with your air conditioner. 

Today, we'll explore the reasons behind the musty scent and why it's essential to investigate without delay. Don't allow a musty-smelling AC to compromise your well-being--let's uncover and address the root cause and the solution. 

Culprits Behind the Musty Smell

Your AC shouldn't just cool your home--it should keep it fresh too. If you detect a musty odor, several factors might be at play.

Mold and Mildew Growth

When moisture accumulates in your AC system, mold can thrive, releasing that telltale musty smell. Check dark, damp areas like evaporator coils and drip pans for signs of growth.

Clogged Drain Line

A blocked drain line prevents moisture from draining properly, creating a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Regularly inspect and clean your drain line to prevent clogs.

Dirty Air Filter

Neglecting your air filter allows moisture and debris to accumulate, inviting mold growth and emitting a musty odor. Replace your filters regularly to keep your AC system clean and fresh.

Identifying and addressing the culprits behind musty air can keep your home smelling fresh and your AC system running smoothly.

Understanding the Health Risks of Musty-Smelling ACs

Living with a musty-smelling AC isn't just unpleasant, it can pose risks to your health. The culprits behind the smell can also impact indoor air quality.

Mold-related Health Issues

Mold exposure can trigger respiratory problems like coughing, wheezing, and throat irritation. For those with allergies, mold spores in the air can aggravate symptoms. 

Indoor Air Quality Impact

The presence of mold can significantly degrade indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality can lead to headaches, fatigue, and respiratory conditions, making your home environment uncomfortable and potentially harmful.

Addressing the issue is crucial to prevent health problems and improve indoor air quality. Look online and enter the words trusted AC repair near me for help.  

Steps to Investigate and Address the Issue

Start by inspecting your AC system. Check the unit, including the evaporator coils and drip pans, for any visible moisture buildup or mold growth. This could indicate signs of your air conditioner leaking/AC pan leaking

Check the air filter and drain line. Cleaning or replacing the air filter and clearing the drain line can help prevent issues that cause musty smells.

For a thorough assessment of the issue, schedule a professional HVAC inspection. AC companies have the expertise and tools to identify and address the cause of the musty smell.

Take Action Now If Your AC Smells Musty

You deserve a fresh, healthy home. When your AC smells musty, it can impact your indoor air quality and your health.

Trust Romeo Air Conditioning, Inc. We're a family-owned full-service HVAC company conveniently serving Ft. Myers and the surrounding area. Reach out anytime. We offer 24/7 emergency services! 

Contact us today to request an AC repair free estimate. Breathe easier tomorrow.

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The Importance of Testing Your AC System Before Summer in Marco Island, FL

Marco Island, FL, summers can be described as hot and oppressive. For visitors looking to enjoy warm-weather activities, the best time to visit is from early May to late October. Lucky for them, since they can escape the heat whenever they want.

For residents, that's only possible if they have a working HVAC system. Of course, part of maintaining that system is getting an AC test, ideally before summer begins. 

If you're reading this now, concerned about a malfunctioning HVAC in the middle of summer, here's what you should know.

Cool for the Summer

Last time you checked, you had zero HVAC problems, but the question is, when did you have your AC serviced? Did you know that you should have your system inspected by a professional once in the fall and once in the spring?

If it's been a while, it's time to revisit your HVAC maintenance plan. Even if your AC is "still okay," you could miss out on its optimal performance. Not only does regular upkeep help your air conditioning perform better, but it also consumes less energy and lasts longer, considering normal wear and tear.  

Also, preventive maintenance isn't just for your unit; it's also for the health of everyone in your home. For example, mold may be lurking in your AC, which is dangerous, especially for people with respiratory problems. 

An AC Test Uncovers Winter's Effects

Unless you have HVAC technician training, it's hard to say how cold temperatures have affected your air conditioner. If you have an outdoor HVAC unit, the more you need to have it checked. 

You want to be sure the lines, coils, and pipes are free from moisture buildup. The same applies to indoor units. 

Should you need HVAC repair services in Marco Island, a reliable AC company like Romeo Air Conditioning can immediately send a technician to assess your HVAC unit, diagnose the problem, and perform repairs. They can also advise you on DIY HVAC care, such as when to clean or replace air filters and how to remove debris around outdoor units for better airflow.

Prevent Minor HVAC Problems From Becoming Major Issues

Ignoring small AC problems seems harmless, especially if you have a newer unit. However, even something like a clogged air filter, which is easy enough to solve, can shorten the life of your air conditioner if you take your time replacing it. 

Add excessive heat to the mix, and your "tiny" problem could turn into a sudden need to replace your entire unit. Since high temperatures can put a lot of stress on your AC, it's wise to invest in maintaining your unit before summer hits.  

Pass or Fail? Let's Help You Ace the AC Test

Now that you know the importance of an AC Test in Marco Island, FL, are you planning to call an HVAC company soon?

If great customer service is what you're after, look no further than Romeo Air Conditioning, Inc. When we say we prioritize our customers' needs, we mean you can reach us any time, any day, even during holidays and weekends. 

To get started, schedule preventive maintenance with us or call 239-237-1518 for emergency AC services.

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Winter-Ready HVAC Designs: Optimizing Heating Systems for New Construction in Bonita Springs, FL

The Florida government authorized around 212,000 new homes in 2022. This impressive rise in construction is still going strong.

As winter approaches in Bonita Springs, FL, it's crucial to ensure that HVAC systems in new construction are optimized for efficient heating. HVAC services can help you with peak optimization.

Are you wondering what it involves? Read on to learn about HVAC ductwork design in Bonita Springs.

Understanding Heating Systems

There are different types of heating systems you can choose from.

Winters are milder in Bonita Springs compared to other regions. That's why heat pumps and electric furnaces are popular choices for heating homes.

Importance of HVAC Repairs and Maintenance

Regular HVAC repairs and maintenance are essential to keep heating systems running smoothly, especially during the colder months.

AC repair near me services are readily available for residents to address any issues with their heating systems promptly.

Addressing Common Issues in Marco Island

During the winter months, issues such as air conditioner leaking or AC pan leaking can arise, causing discomfort and potential damage to properties.

Prompt attention from AC companies can help resolve these issues efficiently.

Ensuring Efficient Heating in Fort Myers

Efficiency is the secret sauce when it comes to heating systems. It not only keeps homes comfortable but also helps save on energy costs.

Proper insulation and sealing of ductwork are crucial aspects of optimizing heating systems for winter readiness.

Going With the Right HVAC Services

When getting HVAC services for new construction projects in Bonita Springs, it's essential to choose dependable providers with experience in the local climate.

Heating and cooling companies can offer valuable insights into the best heating options for specific needs and budgets.

Furnace Repair and Maintenance in Naples

For homes equipped with furnaces, regular furnace repair and maintenance are some of the only ways to ensure optimal performance.

Free furnace estimates are often available from HVAC companies, allowing homeowners to plan and budget for any necessary repairs or upgrades.

Maintaining Indoor Air Quality

In addition to heating near me, maintaining indoor air quality is vital for comfort and well-being. This is especially true during the winter months when homes have to be sealed tightly.

HVAC services can include indoor air quality assessments and recommendations for improvements.

Preventive Measures for Winter-Ready HVAC Systems

Preventive measures include scheduling regular heating and cooling maintenance. Doing this can help you find and solve potential issues before they get out of hand.

AC and heating tune-ups are valuable investments that can prolong the lifespan of HVAC systems. It'll also prevent wallet-bursting repairs down the line.

Proper HVAC Ductwork Design Makes a Huge Difference

With reliable HVAC ductwork design, you can stay confident even during the harshest winters.

You can satisfy all your HVAC needs when you enlist the services of Romeo Air Conditioning, Inc. We proudly serve Bonita Springs, Marco Island, Fort Myers, Naples, and Estero. We even offer a free estimate for AC repair.

Are you ready to optimize your ductwork and fix air conditioner leaking/AC pan leaking? If so, don't wait to schedule a visit from Romeo Air Conditioning, Inc.

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What to Do When Your Furnace Smells Musty in Estero, FL

Picture this: You come home after a long day of work wanting to relax. Instead of your usual pleasant home, you're hit with a big whiff of something musty.

You find out it's your furnace, but what is causing this? How do you fix it?

If your furnace smells musty in your Estero, Florida home, this guide can help. Keep reading to learn the possible causes and the next steps to take.

Why Does My Furnace Smell Musty?

If you notice a musty or damp smell in your home, it could mean water has seeped into your furnace. The strange smell can occur at any time from a loose hose connection on the drain pan.

Furnaces don't often have moisture buildup, but it can happen. Moisture can contribute to mold and bacteria growth. If your furnace smells musty, you might have trapped moisture that can quickly cause mold.

The smell often goes away after heating your house for a while. If it persists, call an air conditioning and heating professional in Estero, Florida.

Furnace Smells Musty: What to Do

Before panicking and thinking you have a mold problem, make sure the source of the smell isn't something else.

You might have air intakes positioned near something smelly like compost bins or garbage cans. Check if the scent is localized to one area of the home or if it is present everywhere.

If you are sure there are no apparent sources of the odor, call a technician to inspect your vents and furnace.

Mold Problem

Fixing a mold problem involves removing the mold in addition to troubleshooting. An AC and heating technician can fix a moisture problem to prevent mold buildup and funky smells in the future.

If excess moisture is caused by a damaged roof or leaky pipe, the repair will be simple enough for a technician. If you've identified this as the problem, you are already one step ahead.

If you can't identify the problem, a professional will be able to for you.

The air in your home may be too damp to fix the problem long term. Adding a dehumidifier attachment can reduce moisture content to improve home comfort and prevent mold.

Pest Infestation

A pest infestation might be preventing you from having an adequately warm home. Pests in your ventilation system can cause musty and sour smells throughout your home.

In addition to foul odors, rodents and small pests can cause damage to your system. An inspection from a professional technician will quickly identify if this is your problem.

Get in Touch With a Professional Now

There's no reason to deal with musty smells in your Estero, Florida home. If your furnace smells musty, it's likely because of moisture, but this isn't always the case.

To get to the bottom of the issue, hire a professional technician from Romeo Air Conditoning, Inc. We can provide a skilled and honest HVAC solution for your home.

Stay comfortable in your home all year long with our help. Contact us today to schedule a service.

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The Importance of Regular Heating Maintenance in Fort Myers, FL

In 2022, Florida saw record numbers of homeowners seeking federal help with their energy bills. However, you can take action with your heating maintenance in Fort Myers to fight off the rising energy costs.  

That's one reason for getting regular heating maintenance, but there are many more. We'll explore those reasons in this short guide for Fort Myers, FL. 

A More Energy Efficient System 

Maintaining your heating will ensure it's running efficiently. It's a chance to check all major components for wear and tear that could compromise the output.

When the system runs correctly, it produces more heat for the same energy. So it will save you money on your bills. You'll also notice the difference with an energy-efficient system.

Your home will feel like it's warming as it should, and the warmth will be even around the house. 

System Longevity 

Your heating system needs care and attention if you want it to last a long time. So maintaining your system is wise from a financial point of view, as you get more years from your heating before paying for a replacement.

Maintenance means you'll get tune-ups to improve the system's performance, plus minor part replacement to keep your heating running without a major breakdown.

A long-lasting heating system in excellent condition also adds value to your home. 

Better Air Quality 

Maintaining your heating system and repairing parts is the best way to improve the air quality in your home. Small actions such as cleaning filters will help ensure the air going in and out is clean and toxin-free.

That's important for those who suffer from dust or pollen allergies. Your home will feel more comfortable and pleasant, even when all the doors and windows are closed mid-winter. 

It Prevents Major Breakages 

A sudden breakdown of your heating system is more than an inconvenience. It's also expensive because you have to pay for an emergency call-out.

Regular maintenance will monitor risks and problem areas in your heating system. An engineer can make minor fixes or part replacements, reducing the risk of a significant failure across the entire system.

Heating services that inspect your system save you money in the long run. And you won't need to worry about a sudden failure at the worst moment. 

It Keeps You Safe and Protects Your Warranty

You need maintenance and system inspections to ensure your heating is safe. You don't want to run the risk of a hazard in your home from an unchecked heating system, like a carbon monoxide leak.

These HVAC services and checks may also be crucial for keeping you compliant with the manufacturer's warranty. So make sure you book an inspection and add it to your calendar. 

Regular Heating Maintenance: Keeping You Warm When It Matters 

As you head into the winter months, you may have many priorities on your radar. Ensure regular heating maintenance is one of them. It will prevent more extensive problems and save you money in the long run.

Romeo Air Conditioning Inc. is here to support all your heating and air conditioning needs in Fort Myers, FL. Our experts offer a five-star service to inspect and maintain your heating - complete this form to book your first system check.

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Common HVAC Issues in Naples, FL Winters and How to Resolve Them

Florida is well known for its hot summers, but in the winter the temperature can drop significantly. If your HVAC system isn't functioning properly, your home could get very uncomfortable in the colder months.

HVAC systems are made up of various components, and these naturally wear down over time. An HVAC maintenance checklist will help you stay on top of things, but problems can still occur. An AC and heating tune-up may reveal the exact issue so you know what repair work is needed.

In this guide, we'll go over some of the most common HVAC issues and explain how you can resolve them. Keep reading for more.

Clogged or Dirty Air Filter

Heating and cooling maintenance is complicated, but one of the most basic tasks is cleaning or replacing the air filter. Dust and dirt accumulate with time, and this can stop it from functioning properly.

A clogged filter will interfere with the airflow. In bad cases, the unit can overheat and this may cause serious damage. Cleaning the filter every few months should be enough, though you may want to do this more often if you have pets or your unit gets a lot of use.

Leaking HVAC Unit

HVAC systems produce condensation, but the drain pipes should get rid of this. If your air conditioner is leaking, it's probably because the drain lines are damaged or clogged. There are, however, other issues that can cause this.

AC companies like Romeo Air Conditioning that offer repair/maintenance services can send out a technician to inspect your HVAC system. A trained professional will be able to determine the cause of the issue as well as the best solution.

Whether it's your AC pan leaking or another issue, things will only get worse with time if the problem isn't dealt with. It's best to contact a professional company as soon as you discover a problem.

Blowing Hot or Warm Air

Your AC unit will be essentially useless if it's blowing out warm air. If this happens, start by checking to make sure the thermostat settings are correct and the air filter is clean. A blocked filter can lead to frozen coils so your unit won't be able to cool the air properly.

If none of these are the problem, you may be low on refrigerant. There are, however, some other issues that can cause this. Again, it's best to have a qualified technician take a look at your system.

Unit Not Functioning at All

There are plenty of issues that can cause this, and some are worse than others. The batteries in your thermostat may have died, for example, so check this first as it's an easy fix.

Another component may have failed, however, and this is more tricky. An HVAC technician will be able to figure out what the problem is and let you know how to resolve it.

Your HVAC Maintenance Checklist

It's a good idea to have an HVAC maintenance checklist, and establishing a regular maintenance schedule will keep it in the best condition. If you do notice any of the issues above (or any other unusual behavior), you should contact a professional HVAC company as soon as you can.

Romeo Air Conditioning offers HVAC services 24/7 throughout Naples, FL. Contact us for your AC repair free estimate today.

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Fall Comfort in Marco Island, FL: Optimizing Your HVAC System

It's that time of year again: Fall is right around the corner, and so is your autumn HVAC maintenance. Even though the fall weather in Florida is some of the mildest in the country, it's still important to ensure your system works as it should.

So, what can you do to prepare your air and heat system for chillier weather? Here are some factors to consider.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Autumn HVAC maintenance is a great solution for preparing for the colder months. You can schedule an HVAC technician to come out to your home and check system elements like your HVAC drain line and the heat pump.

Try to have an HVAC technician come to your home at least once a year. However, if you use your system more, you may need a few inspections annually.

Ask your HVAC technician if it is time to replace your system. Sometimes, if one or more elements are broken or not working efficiently, it may save you money to upgrade to a newer model.

One benefit of bringing in an HVAC company is that they will be able to recognize and fix the problem quickly. When you leave it to the professionals, you can have your system fixed in no time.

Change the Air Filter

Sometimes, autumn HVAC maintenance can be as simple as changing a dirty air filter. It is an easy step that you can do yourself, so you will save a trip from an HVAC technician.

Since Naples, Florida, has humid summers, the beginning of autumn is the perfect time to change your air filters. They attract moisture, bacteria, and mold, among other things.

Decrease AC Usage

Even though you may feel tempted to turn on the air conditioner when it gets warm out, you should avoid using it all the time. If it is only slightly hotter than usual, opt for a fan instead.

Switching to a fan or an alternative cooling system can add a lot more life to your HVAC system. You'll also save quite a bit of money on your electric bill. Fans use a lot less energy than air conditioners.

Clean Your Units

If you notice that you're not getting enough cool air or heat, it may be because your HVAC system is dirty. This can also cause it to use more power and raise your electric bill.

Clean your units at the end of the summer and before the fall season starts. Since the summer months see the heaviest use of air conditioners, it's likely that your system will need a refresh for optimum energy efficiency.

Start Your Fall Air and Heat Prep

It's never too early to prepare your home for fall weather. With air and heat maintenance, you can ensure that your HVAC system will run perfectly as the weather gets colder.

Romeo Air Conditioning, Inc. is a one-stop shop for all of your HVAC needs. If you are looking for service in Naples, Florida, don't hesitate to contact us and get the process started.

indoor air quality

Choosing the Right Air Purifier for Your Estero, FL Home

Humans breathe in 3,400 gallons of air a day. Children breathe in 50% more. This makes them more susceptible to lung diseases. There are several ways to increase the air quality at home. You can maintain your HVAC, clean the air ducts, vacuum, avoid chemicals, and buy welcome mats and indoor plants.

Only 27% of families who experience breathing issues from polluted air use an air purifier. It's one of the best options and could prevent up to 65% of childhood asthma and 60% of adult breathing issues.

Read on to learn how to choose the right air purifier for your home.

Consider the Type of Filtration

An air purifier works in several stages. A two-stage system uses a washable fabric filter and a replaceable filter.

The replaceable one should always be a HEPA or high-efficiency particulate air filter. It can capture 99.7% of particles in the air.

Air purifiers that use UV light may not be best for those with asthma, lung conditions, or an allergy problem. They release ozone, a known lung irritant.

Check the Ratings and Energy Star Certification

The CADR or Clean Air Delivery Rate determines how many cubic feet per minute of clean air the purifier produces at its highest speed. It's also measured for different pollutants. Look at its ratings for smoke, dust, and pollen.

The MERV rating expresses how tight the filters are. It ranges from MERV 12 to MERV 17. Look for no lower than MERV 13.

ACH or air changes per hour determines how fast it can exchange all the air in a room. A purifier with an ACH of 4 can exchange the air four times an hour or once every 15 minutes.

Look for products with the Energy Star certification. They're 25% more energy-efficient than a standard model, making them more effective and less expensive.

Measure the Room

Each air purifier is optimized for a specific room size. Measure your room to see what you'll need.

Put the purifier at a lower speed if it's meant for a smaller room. It's effective yet quieter.

Listen for the Noise Level

An air purifier is almost like a roommate who's always making noise. Make sure you can tolerate its sound. You may even need different ones for different rooms.

The noise level should be listed on the packaging or the company's website. The quietest ones range from 24-30 decibels, which is lower than a refrigerator.

Count the Cost

Cleaner air is priceless, but air purifier costs vary, so shop around for a model that fits your budget.

This includes the cost of maintenance. Think of how much you'll need to spend on replacement filters and what kind you'll need. They can cost a few dollars or up to $200 each.

A purifier can do more than improve air quality. Certain models have smart features such as:

  • Integration with smart speakers or apps
  • Air quality or filter change indicators
  • Scheduling
  • Timers

They make it easier to use the filter but also increase its cost, so consider whether or not you need them.

Indoor Air Quality

Choosing the right air purifier means researching everything about it. Look at its ratings, room size specification, noise level, and cost.

Are you looking to improve your indoor air quality in Estero, FL? Get air purifiers and filtration services from Romeo Air Conditioning, Inc. today.

HVAC maintenance plan

The Impact of HVAC Maintenance on Indoor Air Quality in Bonita Springs, FL

Did you know that some of the pollutants in Florida's air include methane and sulfur dioxide?

If you live in Bonita Springs, you can ensure your indoor air is free of these pollutants. A proper HVAC maintenance plan is one of the most effective ways to ensure excellent air quality in your house.

Continue reading to learn why HVAC maintenance plans will give you better indoor air quality in Bonita Springs, FL.

The Significance of Indoor Air Quality

It's an unfortunate fact that poor air quality can destroy your health.

It's especially important to consider air quality in regions with warm climates like Bonita Springs and Naples. This is because people here often rely on indoor air conditioning to escape the heat.

The Role of HVAC Systems in Home Air Quality

HVAC systems regulate temperature, humidity, and air circulation in your home. Over time, these systems accumulate dust, debris, and pollutants.

This can lead to a nosedive in your indoor air quality.

Without regular maintenance, these contaminants can recirculate through your home.

Preventing Contaminant Buildup to Avoid AC Repair Near Me

Regular HVAC maintenance involves cleaning and servicing various components of the system. This prevents the buildup of dust, mold, and other harmful pollutants.

Clean air filters and pristine components ensure the air circulating throughout your home is as pristine as possible.

Air Quality Inspection and Testing by AC Companies

Professional HVAC companies in Bonita Springs offer air quality testing services to pinpoint potential contaminants.

Regular inspections help you find issues early on. This allows for timely corrective measures instead of waiting until it's too far gone.

Ensuring Efficient Ventilation

Proper ventilation can make all the difference for IAQ. HVAC systems not only cool or heat the air but also facilitate air exchange. This puts a stop to stagnation.

Regular maintenance ensures that your ventilation system is functioning at the highest level possible. This lets fresh outdoor air in while removing indoor pollutants.

Where Heating and Cooling Maintenance Plans Come In

Investing in an HVAC maintenance plan provides numerous benefits for your indoor air quality. These plans often include routine inspections, cleaning, and servicing.

A dedicated plan can prevent major issues from cropping up.

Long-Term Health and Cost Benefits

A consistent maintenance plan can lead to considerable long-term benefits. Improved indoor air quality contributes to the health and well-being of your family by reducing the risk of respiratory problems.

Plus, a well-maintained HVAC system can save you money on utility bills each month.

Your HVAC Maintenance Plan Will Be Foolproof

With the right HVAC maintenance plan, you can breathe clean air and have a high-performance AC.

The expert team at Romeo Air Conditioning is ready to tailor-make a plan that suits your HVAC needs. Aside from maintenance, we also handle repair, replacement, and other solutions.

We're proud to serve Bonita Springs, Marco Island, Estero, and other nearby areas of Florida. Do you want AC repair free estimate? Connect with us to start receiving dedicated HVAC maintenance and more.