Our contractors are certified and trained to handle all air conditioning systems and problems. We fix all AC unit issues fast and efficiently—we do AC repairs, service AC compressor, or frozen AC units. With us, one phone call gets the issue resolved.

  • We have a simple yet thorough approach.
  • We conduct an in-depth analysis of the homeowner’s AC unit to develop a proper diagnosis.
  • We provide recommendations based on our assessment.
  • We then repair, replace, or install the air conditioning unit and ascertain its efficacy in performance.

We are part of the community in Fort Myers, FL, Naples, FL, and their surroundings. Our core objective is to add value to this community by providing top-tier solutions and customer support for their AC units.
We achieve this through our Fast and Reliable Services

Clues You Need AC Repair

You do not have to wait for your cooling system to shut down completely to call for AC repair services. A poor-performing AC increases your utility bills because it consumes more energy. Additionally, it is a hazard to you and your loved ones.

You can gauge the performance of your AC by looking at these signs:

  • Short supply of cool air in your home is a sign of a frozen AC unit.
  • Water percolating around the AC unit - moisture surrounding the AC unit when it has not rained shows an AC repair is pending.
  • Strange noises from the AC unit - banging, rattling, high-pitched whistling, grinding, or clanking sounds require assessment by a technician. Such noises show damage or malfunctions that can cause severe problems in the home.
  • Strange smells - AC units do not generate foul smells. If you notice moldy odors, it could be bacterial or fungal growth in the ducts or vents. Pungent smells can result from gas leaks or dead animals inside the system. Burning smells indicate that something is igniting inside the system. Call a technician to clean and fix affected components.

Troubleshooting A Frozen Evaporator Coil

A frozen evaporator coil is a typical problem in the AC unit. When the evaporator coil freezes, the AC will not produce cool air throughout your home. Assess your AC in these simple steps to ascertain the problem.
Insufficient cool air – if you hear your AC running, the supply vent is getting out cool air, but there is not enough air inside the house.

  • Turn your thermostat off - this is the first step to do once you realize there is not enough cool air inside the home. Shut it off to keep it from causing even more significant problems.
  • Switch the fan on to keep the air moving toward the evaporator coil to melt the ice. It makes it easier for technicians to access the problem with the ice out of the way. It also prevents water from getting into the motor and circuit board.
  • Check the air filter. The main culprit for frozen evaporator coils is usually poor air supply. The air filter affects airflow. Take the filter out, place it up, and see if it is transparent. If it is not clean, replace it. Dirt, dust, and debris clog the filter, cutting off the air supply into the AC.
  • Ensure the vents are open and nothing is blocking your cold air returns. Move furniture or any other equipment away from the vents.
  • Assess the refrigerant charge. The refrigerant charge decreases as the AC gets old over years of use, developing leaks. When the fluid gets to half a pound low, it causes the evaporator coil to start freezing.
  • Call a technician after you are through with the assessment. We recommend having professionals re-check the issue and assess the source and damage caused by the frozen evaporator coil.

Romeo air has expert technicians with years of experience handling frozen AC units. Aside from servicing your AC, we also recommend solutions to prevent the problem from recurring.

The soaring temperatures in Florida make it impossible to stay indoors without a functioning air conditioner. We also understand the health implications of having a broken AC unit—from cold, shivers, headaches, and fatigue.

We provide same-day AC repairs to keep you and your loved ones safe and stress-free from the warm and humid Florida air. Our proximity to residents in Fort Myers, FL, Naples, FL, and the neighboring community makes us the go-to solution for immediate fixes. Call us for emergency repairs for your AC compressor or frozen AC unit.

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