AC Replacement In Fort Myers, Naples, and Surrounding Areas

Your AC can serve you for 10 to 15 years with proper servicing. Maintenance covers AC repairs, cleaning, testing, and overall evaluation for efficacy. Even with the utmost care, your AC will eventually need replacing because of the wear and tear from the years of service.

At Romeo Air, we provide AC replacement services in Fort Myers, FL, Naples, FL, and the surrounding areas. We understand the need for a functioning AC because of the scorching Florida heat during summer. Therefore, we bring fast, efficient and reliable service.

We value:
  • Integrity - We do not sugar coat our expertise in service delivery. Our technicians are proactive in delivering quality services.
  • Customer satisfaction - Our job is not complete unless you take pleasure in our work quality and service delivery.
  • Quick service delivery - We are swift in AC repairs, replacements, installations, and maintenance. Our work begins as soon as you call.
  • Community - We take pride in being part of the community in Fort Myers, FL, Naples, FL, and the immediate environs. Therefore, we endeavor to deliver top-notch services.

Free Replacement Estimates From Romeo Air

We provide free estimates for AC replacements. Our pricing process is rigorous to ensure your one-time quote remains unchanged. We begin by analyzing your AC unit and the size of your home to determine the best AC system to install. We, especially, want to know:
  • The state of your ducts
  • Areas that need immediate intervention
  • All concerns regarding your cooling system.
After the assessment, we provide recommendations on a suitable AC for your home. We also factor in pricing and other essential details regarding the AC units. Our technicians are excellent consultants and thorough in their assistance. They factor in your considerations to ensure you get the best AC system at affordable rates.

When To Consider AC Replacement

An AC repair is always the most plausible option for most homeowners because of costs. However, it is always wise to consult a professional technician to know the right solution for your AC unit. AC issues are often deep-rooted. Sometimes, replacing a part is not enough to solve the primary problem.

For instance, a frozen AC unit could be the consequence of a frozen evaporator coil or the AC compressor affecting the refrigerant. However, replacing the affected components barely suffices in solving the limited cool air supply in your home. The accumulated ice may have already damaged the motor and circuit board, requiring more work on the AC. Thus, one problem creates a ripple effect on the AC unit.

After years of service, such issues compound into bigger problems, eventually reducing your AC’s life span. Only a certified technician can assess and give you a complete diagnosis of your AC unit.

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Having an emergency, A/C not working? Our technicians will arrive fast, and repair your system, so your home is cool and comfortable.

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Before we begin repairing your air conditioner, you will know the full cost of the repair, service, and parts.

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Although we are a Carrier® dealer, we offer equipment from many other brands. We repair ALL brands and all types of HVAC equipment, including heat pumps and air purifiers.

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Signs You Need A New Central AC

We understand the difficulty that comes with decision-making about your AC unit. We have the expertise and experience to provide guidelines that lessen the burden of indecision. Here are a few indicators to note if you have concerns about your AC unit.

If your AC consumes a lot of energy despite repairs and regular maintenance, it may be time to replace it. Check your energy bill to analyze how much energy your AC unit spends. If the bill keeps going up, it may be time to install a new AC unit.

The first determinant of replacing or repairing your AC is the period of use. An older AC is more likely to malfunction quickly, even with comprehensive repairs. Therefore, if your AC is constantly breaking down and has served you for more than ten years, it may be time to get rid of it.

Summers in Fort Myers, FL, and Naples, FL, are not always kind. After years of cooling your home from the intense heat, your AC will naturally fail to perform at optimum. It is wise to buy a new cooling system because of the risks of using an old AC unit.

A problematic AC is both a hazard and an energy-consuming machine. An AC unit with over eight years of use and frequently breaking down needs replacement. Fixing such a system is not feasible in the long run. We recommend replacing old AC units because of the associated dangers like toxic gases, explosions, and mold exposure.

If your AC unit has constant downtime and requires a new part with every servicing, it may be time to remove it entirely and install a new system. The downtimes are equally damaging to your health and that of your loved ones. It is more cost-effective to purchase and install a new AC unit than pay for recurring repairs.

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There comes a time when AC repairs do not improve the efficacy of your cooling system. You can change the AC compressor or fix the refrigerant charge and still have a Frozen AC unit.
Call Romeo Air at 239-237-1518 for a scheduled free estimate on AC replacement when that moment comes. We have experts ready to help you enjoy Florida summers with an excellent cooling system.