Picture this: You come home after a long day of work wanting to relax. Instead of your usual pleasant home,¬†you’re hit with a big whiff of something musty.

You find out it’s your furnace, but what is causing this? How do you fix it?

If your furnace smells musty in your Estero, Florida home, this guide can help. Keep reading to learn the possible causes and the next steps to take.

Why Does My Furnace Smell Musty?

If you notice a musty or damp smell in your home, it could mean water has seeped into your furnace. The strange smell can occur at any time from a loose hose connection on the drain pan.

Furnaces don’t often have moisture buildup, but it can happen. Moisture can contribute to mold and bacteria growth. If your furnace smells musty, you might have trapped moisture that can quickly cause mold.

The smell often goes away after heating your house for a while. If it persists, call an air conditioning and heating professional in Estero, Florida.

Furnace Smells Musty: What to Do

Before panicking and thinking you have a mold problem, make sure the source of the smell isn’t something else.

You might have air intakes positioned near something smelly like compost bins or garbage cans. Check if the scent is localized to one area of the home or if it is present everywhere.

If you are sure there are no apparent sources of the odor, call a technician to inspect your vents and furnace.

Mold Problem

Fixing a mold problem involves removing the mold in addition to troubleshooting. An AC and heating technician can fix a moisture problem to prevent mold buildup and funky smells in the future.

If excess moisture is caused by a damaged roof or leaky pipe, the repair will be simple enough for a technician. If you’ve identified this as the problem, you are already one step ahead.

If you can’t identify the problem, a professional will be able to for you.

The air in your home may be too damp to fix the problem long term. Adding a dehumidifier attachment can reduce moisture content to improve home comfort and prevent mold.

Pest Infestation

A pest infestation might be preventing you from having an adequately warm home. Pests in your ventilation system can cause musty and sour smells throughout your home.

In addition to foul odors, rodents and small pests can cause damage to your system. An inspection from a professional technician will quickly identify if this is your problem.

Get in Touch With a Professional Now

There’s no reason to deal with musty smells in your Estero, Florida home. If your furnace smells musty, it’s likely because of moisture, but this isn’t always the case.

To get to the bottom of the issue, hire a professional technician from Romeo Air Conditoning, Inc. We can provide a skilled and honest HVAC solution for your home.

Stay comfortable in your home all year long with our help. Contact us today to schedule a service.