Summer temperatures in Florida hover in the low to mid-90s. With hot temperatures like that, you want to verify that your HVAC system is in working order. Keeping up with HVAC system maintenance will keep you cool all summer long.

Not sure where to start with seasonal HVAC maintenance? We’ve compiled the simple steps you need to take to check that your HVAC is ready for the coming summer. Read on to find out about HVAC services in Florida.

Change the Air Filters

The number one step in HVAC maintenance is changing or cleaning your air filters. You should already be changing these every 1-3 months for the best air quality and HVAC function. Clogged air filters lower the efficiency of your HVAC system.

Air filters tend to be dirtier after winter because there is less fresh airflow in your home. Be sure to check your air filter before turning on your air conditioning unit. Having clean filters will keep your HVAC system from working too hard in the hot Florida summers!

Clean Supply Vents and Registers

Vacuum dust from the supply vents and registers so dust does not circulate through your home. If you have covered unused vents for the winter, remove them now. If your air vents have filters on them, change or clean those now.

Clean Condenser

The condenser is the outdoor part of your HVAC system. You will need to clear any debris that has gotten into or on your condenser. Be sure that the area around the cooling coils is free from any debris.

Debris on the cooling coils will reduce how well the air cools. This will result in higher energy usage and a more expensive cooling bill. Vacuum your condenser and wipe it down with a cloth to clean.

Test the Thermostat

Before summer, turn your thermostat to cool and ensure it is working. If you have a programmable thermostat, create settings for summer to improve efficiency. Find out if you need professional HVAC services before the warm months to save yourself from sweating!

HVAC Service and Replacement

If your HVAC system has seen better days, it may be time for professional service or HVAC replacement. Often, if your system isn’t working right, you can call for an HVAC maintenance service. A professional will let you know if they can repair your current system or if you need a new one.

When your cooling bills are getting higher or if your system can’t cool your entire home, you may need a new HVAC system. Other signs include if your HVAC system runs all the time or if you are always repairing it. A professional can look at your system and let you know if it needs replacing.

Even if your HVAC unit is only ten years old, replacing it can save you a lot of money! By upgrading your HVAC system, you can save between 20-40% on your cooling bills.

Schedule HVAC System Maintenance

If you would rather have a pro perform your HVAC system maintenance, we’ve got you covered! Romeo Air Conditioning services the following Florida Areas:

  • Bonita Springs
  • Marco Island
  • Fort Myers
  • Naples
  • Estero

Call us today to schedule your seasonal maintenance!