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The Importance of Testing Your AC System Before Summer in Marco Island, FL

Marco Island, FL, summers can be described as hot and oppressive. For visitors looking to enjoy warm-weather activities, the best time to visit is from early May to late October. Lucky for them, since they can escape the heat whenever they want.

For residents, that's only possible if they have a working HVAC system. Of course, part of maintaining that system is getting an AC test, ideally before summer begins. 

If you're reading this now, concerned about a malfunctioning HVAC in the middle of summer, here's what you should know.

Cool for the Summer

Last time you checked, you had zero HVAC problems, but the question is, when did you have your AC serviced? Did you know that you should have your system inspected by a professional once in the fall and once in the spring?

If it's been a while, it's time to revisit your HVAC maintenance plan. Even if your AC is "still okay," you could miss out on its optimal performance. Not only does regular upkeep help your air conditioning perform better, but it also consumes less energy and lasts longer, considering normal wear and tear.  

Also, preventive maintenance isn't just for your unit; it's also for the health of everyone in your home. For example, mold may be lurking in your AC, which is dangerous, especially for people with respiratory problems. 

An AC Test Uncovers Winter's Effects

Unless you have HVAC technician training, it's hard to say how cold temperatures have affected your air conditioner. If you have an outdoor HVAC unit, the more you need to have it checked. 

You want to be sure the lines, coils, and pipes are free from moisture buildup. The same applies to indoor units. 

Should you need HVAC repair services in Marco Island, a reliable AC company like Romeo Air Conditioning can immediately send a technician to assess your HVAC unit, diagnose the problem, and perform repairs. They can also advise you on DIY HVAC care, such as when to clean or replace air filters and how to remove debris around outdoor units for better airflow.

Prevent Minor HVAC Problems From Becoming Major Issues

Ignoring small AC problems seems harmless, especially if you have a newer unit. However, even something like a clogged air filter, which is easy enough to solve, can shorten the life of your air conditioner if you take your time replacing it. 

Add excessive heat to the mix, and your "tiny" problem could turn into a sudden need to replace your entire unit. Since high temperatures can put a lot of stress on your AC, it's wise to invest in maintaining your unit before summer hits.  

Pass or Fail? Let's Help You Ace the AC Test

Now that you know the importance of an AC Test in Marco Island, FL, are you planning to call an HVAC company soon?

If great customer service is what you're after, look no further than Romeo Air Conditioning, Inc. When we say we prioritize our customers' needs, we mean you can reach us any time, any day, even during holidays and weekends. 

To get started, schedule preventive maintenance with us or call 239-237-1518 for emergency AC services.

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Fall Comfort in Marco Island, FL: Optimizing Your HVAC System

It's that time of year again: Fall is right around the corner, and so is your autumn HVAC maintenance. Even though the fall weather in Florida is some of the mildest in the country, it's still important to ensure your system works as it should.

So, what can you do to prepare your air and heat system for chillier weather? Here are some factors to consider.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Autumn HVAC maintenance is a great solution for preparing for the colder months. You can schedule an HVAC technician to come out to your home and check system elements like your HVAC drain line and the heat pump.

Try to have an HVAC technician come to your home at least once a year. However, if you use your system more, you may need a few inspections annually.

Ask your HVAC technician if it is time to replace your system. Sometimes, if one or more elements are broken or not working efficiently, it may save you money to upgrade to a newer model.

One benefit of bringing in an HVAC company is that they will be able to recognize and fix the problem quickly. When you leave it to the professionals, you can have your system fixed in no time.

Change the Air Filter

Sometimes, autumn HVAC maintenance can be as simple as changing a dirty air filter. It is an easy step that you can do yourself, so you will save a trip from an HVAC technician.

Since Naples, Florida, has humid summers, the beginning of autumn is the perfect time to change your air filters. They attract moisture, bacteria, and mold, among other things.

Decrease AC Usage

Even though you may feel tempted to turn on the air conditioner when it gets warm out, you should avoid using it all the time. If it is only slightly hotter than usual, opt for a fan instead.

Switching to a fan or an alternative cooling system can add a lot more life to your HVAC system. You'll also save quite a bit of money on your electric bill. Fans use a lot less energy than air conditioners.

Clean Your Units

If you notice that you're not getting enough cool air or heat, it may be because your HVAC system is dirty. This can also cause it to use more power and raise your electric bill.

Clean your units at the end of the summer and before the fall season starts. Since the summer months see the heaviest use of air conditioners, it's likely that your system will need a refresh for optimum energy efficiency.

Start Your Fall Air and Heat Prep

It's never too early to prepare your home for fall weather. With air and heat maintenance, you can ensure that your HVAC system will run perfectly as the weather gets colder.

Romeo Air Conditioning, Inc. is a one-stop shop for all of your HVAC needs. If you are looking for service in Naples, Florida, don't hesitate to contact us and get the process started.

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Ask the HVAC Professionals: Is Your AC Running Efficiently in Naples, FL?

The majority of families in the US spend $2,000 every year on energy bills. Half of that goes to keeping the house warm or cool. If there's an issue with your HVAC unit, however, you could pay more each year.

If your AC unit in Naples, FL isn't running efficiently, you might notice a spike in your energy bills each month. Here are a few signs it's time for an AC and heating tune-up. If these issues sound familiar, call for help from your local HVAC company right away!

Inspect Air Filters

To determine if your HVAC system is running efficiently, first check your air filters.

Replacing a clogged filter can lower your AC unit's energy consumption by 5 to 15%.

When the filters get clogged, dust and debris can impede airflow. Your HVAC unit will work twice as hard to operate, which could cause components to break down. You might require HVAC repair (or even replacement) services as a result.

Try to swap out your HVAC filter every three months. If you have pets, clean or replace the filter more often. Replacing your filters can lower your utility bills if there aren't airflow issues.

Check the Thermostat

If your thermostat isn't working properly, the air conditioning unit won't work efficiently either.

Make sure to replace the batteries on a routine schedule. Ensure grime doesn't build against the thermostat, which could affect its functionality.

Measure the Temperature

Measure the air temperature within your home to ensure it's heating and cooling properly.

On a hot day, turn the AC on and run it for about 15 minutes at 80 degrees. Place a thermometer on the supply register for five minutes to get a temperature reading.

Measure the temperature from room to room to ensure the unit is working efficiently throughout your entire home. If you notice any hot spots, request HVAC services right away.

Inspect the Drain

A clogged drain line could affect your AC unit's efficiency. Make sure too much water isn't collecting in the drain pan, which could clog the line. Otherwise, the unit will keep shutting down before it reaches the right temperature.

Review the Insulation

If your home lacks the proper insulation, the AC unit will struggle to keep your home comfortable. Poor insulation causes air leakage.

Have an expert check your insulation every few years.

Call for Preventative Maintenance

Schedule preventative maintenance with your Naples HVAC company once or twice a year. Regular HVAC maintenance can help you catch small problems before they develop further.

You can request the HVAC services you need to keep your unit running smoothly.

Schedule an AC and Heating Tune-Up in Naples

If you notice an issue with your AC unit, don't hesitate to contact an HVAC company in Naples. A routine AC and heating tune-up can help you avoid more expensive issues. With routine HVAC maintenance, you can keep your unit running efficiently all year round.

Need to discuss scheduling a tune-up with a member of our team?

We're a family-owned, full-service HVAC company ready to provide experienced, fast, certified service. We're dedicated to helping our community.

Contact Romeo Air Conditioning, Inc. today to get started.

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How Often Should You Service Your AC in Naples, FL

Naples is one of the hottest places in the country during the summer and early fall.

If you're a Naples resident, then you know how much you rely on your air conditioning in the summer months. When an AC unit goes down, it's usually due to something that could have easily been prevented with proper maintenance.

It's important to service your AC on a regular basis so that you can keep your indoor air nice and cool when it's 30 plus outside. In this post, we're going to give you some maintenance service tips and tell you how often you should be seeking professional maintenance.

There's no sense in avoiding AC maintenance, so keep reading and learn how to do it the right way.

Why It's Important to Service Your AC

By maintaining your AC unit on a regular basis, you'll increase its overall lifespan and boost efficiency. Regular maintenance prevents the need for bigger repairs and premature replacement, ensuring that small issues don't become expensive ones.

If you run your AC unit without maintenance, dust and debris will start to accumulate on the filters and coils. This debris will start to damage these important components of your unit, eventually deteriorating them to the point that they're unusable.

In addition, dirty filters and coils create dirty air, which can lead to allergies and respiratory issues. It can also promote the growth of other microbes and even mold, which can lead to bigger problems in the home.

How Often Should You Get AC Service?

At the very least, you should service your AC at least once per year, before the summer. A technician will come in and inspect all of the components of your AC unit while cleaning the coils and ducts, and replacing the filters.

They'll also make sure the thermostat works properly and the condensate pumps are functioning. Everything will be inspected for dirt and debris, then cleaned as required.

If there are any repairs to be made, your AC technician will bring them to your attention. Most small repairs are quick and affordable. It's when you continue to run the AC that you start to see expensive problems.

At Romeo Air Conditioning Inc., we offer affordable maintenance service plans. With this, you'll get preventative maintenance on a regular basis, ensuring your AC system is functioning at a high level for as long as possible. All of our Maintenance Agreement Program customers also enjoy 15% off of repairs should they be required.

Finding the best AC Maintenance Service

Now that you know how often you should service your AC unit, it's time to hire the best AC maintenance service in Naples. Romeo Air Conditioning Inc. is a 5-star family-owned HVAC business with 25 years of HVAC experience.

If you want your air conditioner to stand the test of time, visit our site to learn more about our maintenance plans. To schedule your maintenance or 24/7 emergency repairs, don't hesitate to contact us ASAP.

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5 Common AC Maintenance Errors and How to Avoid Them

As winter moves in, the sick season isn't far behind. At this time of year, many people catch colds, the flu, or potentially COVID-19 variants. To avoid these threats, many people retreat indoors to escape airborne pathogens. However, you may find that your home has worse air quality than the outdoors. The cause of this is AC maintenance errors.

As your air conditioner regulates your home temperature, it also cycles out pollutants and pathogens. But, without regular AC maintenance, this pollution can circulate through your home instead.

To help you avoid this, we've listed five common AC maintenance errors and how to avoid them. We hope this helps!

1. AC Maintenance Errors: Not Checking Air Filters

The number one error in AC maintenance is neglecting their air filters. These filters are the components that trap dust, dander, and pathogen particles in their fibers. Yet, once the filters become full, they can no longer prevent these pollutants from circulating through the air.

All you have to do to avoid this is change your air filters. Doing so can help you cut down energy bills and ward off respiratory issues.

2. Ignoring Strange Noises

When you cut your AC on, it always makes noise. If you've had your system for a while, you know what sounds are normal and which aren't.

If you hear any abnormal sounds, it's best not to avoid them. If you hear these noises repeatedly, it's probably time to call AC maintenance services. Otherwise, your system could develop extensive damage that needs costly repairs.

3. Forgetting About Air Vents

Problems with the air vents are among the most common AC issues. Your vents are the conduits through which your system blows hot and cold air. Over time, your vents can become coated in dirt and debris.

This pollution will have a negative impact on your air quality. So, try to clean your vents once a month.

If you don't know how to clean your vents, that's alright! Instead, you can call professional AC maintenance services to do it for you.

4. Setting the Thermostat Too Low

If your home gets too warm, you may try to offset that by setting the thermostat much lower. This trick may seem like the best way to cool the house.

In reality, though, this only forces your system to work harder without cooling the house any faster. Over time, this practice can wear a system down.

5. Choosing Repairing Services Solely Based on Price

When people realize they need to repair their AC units, they sometimes try to find the cheapest bidder for the job. This practice is rarely beneficial.

Instead, find a business with significant experience and the appropriate licensing for repairing AC units. Although they may charge a little more money, they provide services you can trust.

Fix Your AC Maintenance Errors Today

The Floridian climate can take a toll on anyone's AC unit. So, help your system by mending any AC maintenance errors on this list.

If you suffer from these common AC issues, consider hiring us for the repairs! We serve communities throughout Florida, including Bonita Springs, Marco Island, Fort Myers, Naples, and FL Estero. If you live in these areas, contact us today for a quote!

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DIY & AC: 5 AC Check Up Steps for Homeowners

The sunshine state is experiencing warmer temperatures each summer, which means that a working AC is more crucial now than ever before. 

Performing a routine AC check up is one of the best ways to ensure that your AC is prepared to operate smoothly all summer long.

When you detect problems with your AC, don't hesitate to call. We offer quick AC repair services to Southwest Florida residents.

In the meantime, read on for our AC check up list and give your AC a DIY inspection today.

1. Replace Your Air Filter

One step you can take on your own to take care of your AC is to replace your air filter on a regular basis. In the warmer months, when you're running your AC every day, that air filter needs to be replaced between once a month and every three months. This will keep your indoor air quality high and prevent your AC from working overtime.

2. Listen For Strange Sounds

Most houses have their own creaks and clangs, but your AC shouldn't be contributing to those sounds. When you turn on your AC, listen for whirring, clanging, and ringing sounds. If you notice anything, it could be a sign that components of your AC are broken or out of place. 

3. Pay Attention to Strange Smells

Your AC also should not produce any odors. If turning your AC on produces musty or damp smells, you may need AC cleaning. If your AC releases chemical or burning smells, you need immediate AC repair.

4. Monitor Temperature Control

When you turn on your AC and set the thermostat, it shouldn't take longer than 30 minutes to cool down your home. Pay attention to signs that your AC is struggling with temperature control. These signs include not being able to reach the temperature you've set on your thermostat, cooling rooms unevenly, or producing warm air instead of cold.

5. Check Your AC Lifespan

Nowadays, AC units can last anywhere between 10 and 30 years. That's a pretty significant difference and one of the biggest things that will impact your AC lifespan is the manufacturer. Take a look at your unit to find out the make and model and research how long that particular unit is designed to last.

Remember, the best way to ensure that your AC unit lasts as long as it should is to practice AC routine maintenance. Many AC problems can be fixed but only if they're addressed in a timely manner.

Did Your AC Check Up Reveal Problems? Call Us Today

Performing an AC check up is the first step. Now, the question is, did your AC check up reveal any concerns or problems? If so, we are here to help.

Romeo Air Conditioning offers fast, affordable AC repair services in Naples, Fort Meyers, Bonita Springs, Marco Island, and Estero. If you're ready to set up an appointment for AC repair or have follow-up questions regarding your AC check up, contact us today. If you have an emergency on your hands, please call the office at 239-237-1518.

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How Often Should You Schedule AC Maintenance?

Owning a home requires a lot of maintenance - your front lawn, kitchen appliances, and plumbing system all need your attention on a regular basis. But what about your AC system? Do know how your AC system works, or how often you should schedule AC maintenance?

It's okay to admit that you don't - that's what we're here for! Read below for a guide on AC maintenance.

How Often Should You Schedule AC Maintenance?

The biggest mistake homeowners make when it comes to their heating and cooling system is waiting until something goes wrong to call for help. Instead of waiting for problems to arise, you can be proactive. You can schedule routine maintenance.

For a standard HVAC system, you should schedule regular maintenance once a year. Ideally, annual maintenance happens in the spring. You can sign up for a maintenance plan to save time and money.

Central air and furnace systems should also be maintained once a year. AC maintenance services reduce the risk of your AC system breaking down when you need it most.

What's Included in AC Maintenance Services?

When an expert comes to your home they are looking at physical parts - air filters, drain line, condenser, evaporator coils, etc. They are also checking electrical components and thermostat function.

Over time, your AC unit attracts dust and dirt that you can't always see. This build-up can cause the system to run less efficiently - meaning you are paying more and getting less. It can also impact your air quality which may have a long-term effect on your health.

Scheduling a service guarantees that all the parts of the AC unit are running efficiently and every area is clean.

You can find more information on a standard AC maintenance checklist here. Regular maintenance services require less time than fixing a problem when it arises. You can expect that a standard maintenance visit will be about one hour depending on how much work needs to be done.

How Much Does AC Maintenance Cost?

The cost of AC maintenance depends on how many AC units you have and what kind of condition they're in. Generally, maintenance costs about $185 for the system. If you have additional units, it may cost more.

In comparison, replacing your AC is far more expensive. Routine maintenance can help your AC unit last longer before you have to replace it.

Hire the Best AC Maintenance in Southwest Florida

Have you scheduled your annual AC maintenance yet?

If you haven't and you live in Naples, Ft. Myers, Bonita Springs, Marco Island, or Estero - you're in luck. Romeo Air Conditioning provides exceptional service in all these cities. If you live in a nearby city not listed here, call us at (239) 237-1518 to see if we can send a technician to your home.

We provide AC and heating repair, replacement, and maintenance services at an affordable price. So, if you're looking for a dependable annual provider, contact us today!

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Springtime Checklist: Must-Have HVAC Tips for Spring

As spring approaches and temperatures start to rise, it is the perfect time to gather HVAC tips for your home maintenance to-do list.

When homeowners wait until the first heatwave to turn on their AC units are surprised to learn their unit doesn't work. With this experience, comes the reality HVAC businesses are booked and the cost of repairs could be more than expected.

By doing spring air conditioner maintenance, you catch issues early and can get repairs done before the big surge in service calls. If you're lucky the company you choose may offer an HVAC maintenance contract.

Are you wondering what spring maintenance tips you should use? Keep reading for these useful tips for your HVAC unit.

Why Follow These HVAC Tips?

These tips are provided to show the basic steps a homeowner can take to extend the life of their HVAC unit. With proper care and maintenance, your unit will provide air quality and comfort regardless of the season.

It is also recommended in addition to these simple tips, homeowners develop a relationship with a local HVAC company.

Change Your Air Filters

Air filters located with the home's air handlers provide an important function. It is important to change your filters at a minimum of every 90 days to ensure good air quality. Filters are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at any home improvement store.

Ensure Your Unit Has a Clearance

Most HVAC systems have two components. The main unit which is located inside the garage or the attic, and the compressor which is located outside.

For the inside unit, do not place items on or near the unit. Maintain shrubbery and tree limbs near the compressor so they do not block or grow into the unit.

Blockage can cause the unit to overheat and lead to other damage.

Check for Tears in the Air Ducts

The air ducts in your home carry the air from your HVAC unit into the home. If your rooms are taking a long time to heat or cool, of you're not getting any air through the vents, you may have a tear.

To remedy the problem, you'll need to call in an HVAC specialist.

Look for Blockage in the Condensate Drain Line

The condensate drain line typically runs from the home to the outside. It is a drainage line used to remove condensation from the HVAC unit when the AC is running.

To see if the line is blocked, go outside after the AC turns off and see if there is moisture coming from the line. If not, the line may need to be cleaned to remove build-up from sediment, algae, and mold.

Is Your HVAC Unit Ready for Warmer Temps?

We hope these HVAC tips have you thinking about the current condition of your AC unit. In Florida, high temperatures can come in an instant. One day it's cool and the next it is blistering.

To ensure your unit is also in its best condition, invest in a maintenance contract today. Click here to learn more.

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5 Reasons Replacing Air Filters in Your Home Regularly is Important

There are several things a homeowner can do to maintain their HVAC system between routine checkups. Replacing air filters is one of the easiest. The filters are inexpensive and it takes less than a minute to change the main filter.

In most homes, there is only one air filter. If you have a larger home with more than one unit, there will be a filter for each. The air filters are located behind a grate located near the air handler.

The grate is easily recognizable and not difficult to remove. It is recommended that filters are changed every 90-days. Most home improvement stores sell multipacks in standard sizes.

Are your filters full of dust and dirt? Keep reading for five reasons replacing air filters in your home is important.

1. Air Quality is the Main Reason for Replacing Air Filters

The purpose of air filters is to help boost the home's air quality. It traps the particles that are invisible to the naked eye. If we could see what is floating around in our homes we would be shocked.

Dirt, dust, and pollen to name a few. If you smoke or have pets that is another layer.

Air filters are usually white. If you look at yours and it is dark gray or black, it hasn't been changed in quite some time.

2. Prevent Health Risks

The air quality of your home plays a part in your health. If you're not changing the air filters in the house you're increasing the risk of your household getting sick.

Your family will be more susceptible to colds. Allergy season can be unbearable if you have indoor allergens.

3. Cost Saving

When you properly maintain your HVAC system it will last longer and run more efficiently. A unit that is not running properly will require more power to operate. The additional energy required to keep the unit going will cause a spike in your utility bill.

4. Energy Savings

Timely home air filter replacement can help lower your utility bill. The operation of your HVAC system is impacted by how it is maintained. When filters are replaced every 90-days or sooner, based on your unit's usage, it causes a chain reaction.

There are fewer emissions when filters are clean and free of debris. The filter prevents dirt, dust, and pet hair from traveling into the air ducts and back into the home reducing its air quality.

5. HVAC Preventive Maintenance

Although replacing air filters is part of your HVAC preventive maintenance, it is not the only thing you can do to take care of your system. Check-out the owner's manual for additional tips.

Change Your Filters Today

Now that you know the importance of replacing air filters on a regular schedule, it's time to check and see if they need to be replaced today. If it's been more than a year since you had your HVAC inspected, it's time to call in a technician.

We are here to provide full-service maintenance and repair. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

hvac maintenance contract

What You Need to Know About the Benefits of an HVAC Maintenance Contract

It’s easy to forget about your HVAC system… until it breaks down. Scrambling to heat or cool your home not only takes a toll on your family, it can take a big chunk from your wallet.

Don’t find yourself in a sticky hot situation with no plan again. Having an HVAC maintenance contract both prevents breakdowns and reduces your wait time if it does happen.

Let’s look at 5 benefits of HVAC maintenance contracts you need to know about.

1. Longer System Lifespan

Nobody wants to pay to replace an HVAC system before they have to. Having a maintenance contract will protect your investment by keeping it running through its intended lifespan.

Regular tune-ups reduce the wear and tear on HVAC units. Most systems are meant to last around 10 to 15 years. With regular maintenance, your unit can reach that milestone or even surpass it.

That prevents you from having to replace an expensive unit before necessary.

2. Reduced Costs

HVAC systems that receive regular maintenance will operate more efficiently. That means it takes less energy to heat and cool your home, resulting in lower utility bills for you.

Our HVAC professionals will clean your unit and check to make sure everything is working properly. A unit running in top form is also less likely to breakdown, saving you from paying an unexpected repair bill.

Yet, if you need a repair, maintenance contract customers receive discounted services, saving you money no matter what.

3. Priority Service

Having an HVAC maintenance contract puts you at the head of the line. If you do have an emergency repair, that means you get priority service.

There’s no sinking feeling quite like having your air conditioner quit during the hottest part of the summer. When you’re a maintenance contract customer, there’s no need to sweat it out while you wait for a technician to arrive. Your service request becomes our priority.

4. Healthier Air

Many people don’t realize the air inside your home can be dirtier than the air outside. Dust, pet dander, and other containments collect in your system, compromising the air your family breaths.

As part of your maintenance contract, we replace air filters along with cleaning coils and other system parts. This allows your HVAC unit to supply your home with clean, healthier air.

Having clean air reduces triggers that aggravate allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions.

5. Peace of Mind

Most of all, having an HVAC maintenance contract gives you peace of mind. It’s one less thing you have to worry about, both mechanically and financially.

You no longer have to remember to tune your system up before the summer or winter season. Scheduled maintenance gets taken care of for you.

Plus, you’ll always know your family will feel comfortable in their home and breathing in healthy air.

Shorten Your To-Do List with an HVAC Maintenance Contract

Take one more thing off your to-do list. With an HVAC maintenance contract, your unit will be one less thing for you to worry about.

Ready to have your very own HVAC maintenance contract? Contact us today! Let Romeo Air Conditioning put our years of experience to work for you.