Down here in Florida, air conditioning is an absolute mandatory blessing. To beat the subtropic and tropical weather, you need a quality HVAC unit with plenty of life left.

HVAC units aren’t forever, though, so knowing when to replace your unit is important. The question then is, how long do HVAC units last?

While there is no absolute answer, there are plenty of warning signs. Let’s go over some of the big warning signs to see if there is an HVAC replacement in your future.

How Long Do HVAC Units Last?

This is a question that, unfortunately, doesn’t have a simple answer. There are actually thousands of different variables that can impact your unit’s life expectancy. In general, a high-quality system that is well-maintained should last between 12 and 17 years.

However, you’re likely to have at least some problems before then. Let’s take a look at some of the most common issues that indicate you need a repair or replacement.

Repair or Replacement: Warning Signs to Watch For

With so many different variables, there’s a possibility that your HVAC machine could break down in any number of ways and at any time. How can you tell between the need for a simple repair and a full replacement?

Let’s break it down.

1. Energy Bill Starts to Rise

High energy bills are a slow but steady sign that one of your appliances is not working the way they should. Outside of the usual rise and fall from summer cooling, there should be no major increases.

If you’re uncertain what appliance may be causing the jump, contact your energy provider.

2. Air Quality Starts to Drop

Air quality can be subtle, so if you do notice a shift in air quality, this is a big sign that your HVAC unit is going bad.

Some signs of poor air quality are irritation of the nose, ear, and throat as well as headaches and mental fatigue.

3. HVAC Unit is Old

While no HVAC unit has an exact expiration date, few last longer than 10 years or so. When your machine gets this old, replacement may become cheaper than repairs.

Be mindful if your machine still uses freon. This chemical is phasing out due to the Montreal Protocol. If your machine has it, it may need phasing out anyways.

4. Unusual Smells

Unusual and gross smells are a big sign that something in your house has gone bad. If you can trace the smell back to your HVAC unit, that is a big sign that you have a problem.

There are common smell warning signs for an HVAC unit. Rotten eggs are a sign of a natural gas leak, which requires you to call in a professional right away. A burning smell is a sign that your system is overheating and a musty smell often comes from the mold.

5. Damage to the Unit

Some signs are a lot less subtle. If there is constant leaking from the HVAC unit, parts of the machine may be breaking down in big ways.

Odd noises, like rattling, grinding, or even squealing are a sign that something mechanical has come loose.

Even trouble installing the machine due to worn outside pieces is a solid enough reason to look at a replacement. If the unit doesn’t fit well into its installation space, it will lose efficiency fast.

Never overlook any warning signs from an HVAC unit. They can be dangerous for the unit and for you.

Professional Replacements With Professional Service

With a little more knowledge on how long do HVAC units last, you can make an informed decision. If your unit is showing several of these signs, start bracing for a repair.

When the time does come, we here at Romeo Air Conditioning are here to help! We have been providing high professional standards in the Naples and Bonita Springs area for years. Need more information? Contact us today!