carrier-hvacIn the heat of the summer in Southwest Florida, there aren’t many things more important than Naples air conditioning maintenance. Romeo Air Conditioning works hard to keep our clients cool all year-round. We are pleased to offer emergency maintenance service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Often a simple maintenance visit can detect and fix a problem before it becomes much more expensive. If you delay, postpone, or skip regularly scheduled maintenance appointments for your home or business air conditioner, you run the risk of having your unit burn out at an inconvenient time. It’s never a convenient time to be without AC in Florida!

To encourage new customers about the importance of regular maintenance, we are pleased to offer a $69.99 maintenance special. Our comprehensive air conditioning maintenance package includes:

  • Full air conditioning unit inspection.
  • Air conditioning unit and duct cleaning.
  • Replacement of any and all filters.

Scheduling Service

When you schedule a maintenance appointment, you can feel confident that our technicians will inspect all aspects of your system and ensure the comfort and safety of your home or business. The technician will check all functioning parts of the inside and outside units, test the electrical components, check the thermostat, check pressures and temperatures, inspect the compressor, change the filter and check for refrigerant leaks.

  • A maintenance is recommended every six months or so for most systems
  • Not only can regular maintenance save you money, but it can prolong the life of your HVAC system.  
  • Regular maintenance helps to protect your system from needing large repairs.
  • Changing or washing filters as scheduled helps to increase the quality of the indoor air

Ask us about purchasing a maintenance contract! Save money depending on the amount of appointments scheduled and receive 10% off parts for any repairs your system needs while under a maintenance contract.

If you live in Southwest Florida or Naples, air conditioning maintenance is the best way to avoid emergency outages during our extra hot months. Contact Romeo Air Conditioning for your $69.99 maintenance special today.