Do you find yourself worrying about your home’s air quality? Are you having a difficult time remembering the last time your home’s air was serviced? Well, you should know that poor indoor air quality can get worse than just stale air. 

Poor indoor air quality can cause many negative health effects. Additionally, these can be particularly harmful to children and infants

If you think that signs of poor indoor air quality should be ignored, think again. This guide will highlight 5 warning signs that show you need indoor air quality services. 

1. Bad Smells

While it’s easy to chalk up bad smells in your home to the usual suspects, this can be a sign you need indoor air quality testing. 

You must take the necessary action to improve indoor air quality in your home. Otherwise, you risk these smells lingering in your home indefinitely. 

2. Excessive Dust Throughout Your House

If you’re one of the 20 million Americans with a dust allergy, the last thing you need is a house caked in dust. 

Bad air quality in your home can cause significant amounts of dust to build up. Often, cleaning yourself won’t do much good, as the dust will come back almost immediately. 

3. Mold 

When you’re living in Florida, humidity is simply a fact of life, whether you’re in Naples or Fort Myers. The problem with this is that it causes numerous problems if your home doesn’t have good circulation.

For example, humidity can cause and exacerbate mold growth. This will damage the integrity of your house and presents a health hazard for you and those around you. 

4. Carbon Monoxide 

Easily one of the most dangerous hazards that can come with poor indoor air quality is carbon monoxide. 

Found in stoves and heaters, a leak of this can lead to unconsciousness and even death.

You must take every precaution available to avoid a carbon monoxide leak, as usually when you notice one it can already be too late. 

5. Asbestos

Once a miracle material for home building, asbestos is now known as a deadly health hazard for homeowners. 

Asbestos was originally used for its fire-resistant qualities. Yet asbestos releases fibers that when inhaled, can lead to serious health issues like lung cancer. 

If you’re wondering how to improve indoor air quality, asbestos is one crisis you can’t ignore. 

Don’t Hesitate on Indoor Air Quality Services

Poor indoor air quality isn’t just an inconvenience. In many cases, it can be an outright hazard. This means that the longer you put off fixing this issue, the more risk you and your family are exposed to.

If you are starting to see the signs of poor air quality in your home, then you’re going to need the best of the best to deal with this issue. After all, why leave something as important as your health up to luck? 

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