Marco Island is a slice of paradise in the state of Florida. Located in the Gulf of Mexico, Marco Island boasts beautiful beaches and plenty of outdoor activities. Because of this, it’s no wonder you decided to move to this oasis.

But what they don’t tell you is Marco Island summers are hot, humid, and last way too long. But no problem, right? I have AC! Until you realize your home humidity is as bad as the outdoor air.

Is your home humid with the AC on? There could be a few reasons why. Continue reading to find out more, about how to improve your indoor air quality, and when it’s time to hire a professional.


Is your home too humid? First, ask yourself, how many people are living in my home? Even if your AC is working fine, the air may not be able to accommodate everyone living on your property.

A common reason why humidity occurs is if there are too many warm bodies in your home. Your AC won’t be able to remove the excess humidity from your property.

There are a few things you can do. See if you can reduce the number of people living in your home. If you cannot, talk to a cooling contractor to recommend a more powerful AC unit.

Air Conditioning Issues

Of course, AC issues may be why your home feels humid. The evaporator coils in an AC unit dehumidify your space. These coils will use refrigerant to cool and dehumidify your home. There may be a few reasons why your AC unit isn’t dehumidifying your home.

Too much dirt, dust, and debris can disrupt the refrigerant cycle. If you suspect this is the issue, you should hire a professional to check your air conditioner.

High Humidity Outside

During the summer months, humidity levels on Marco Island could reach over 80%. Even if your AC is running, the high humidity levels will affect your home. This is especially true during thunderstorms, a common problem for Floridians. Rain on a hot day increases moisture levels more, making your home feel hot and sticky.

Even if it’s a humid day outside, it may still be time to consult a professional. They can recommend the right air conditioning unit for your home.


Do you notice you have to run the fan or crack a window when cooking? If your kitchen doesn’t have proper ventilation, cooking can cause humidity issues. This especially happens when cooking on the stove. Water from the stove will evaporate, adding more moisture to the air.

This issue may not require a consultation with an AC company. Most kitchens have a fan that you can turn on to increase air circulation and reduce the humidity in your home.

Is Your Home Humid With the AC On?

Home humidity with the AC on is a common problem for Floridians. You’ll still want to contact a professional. Marco Island is hot and humid, and you don’t have to suffer at home.

We offer AC repair, heating, and cooling maintenance, and can check the quality of your HVAC systems. Contact us today if you need AC repair near me.