Summer is almost here, and blistering Florida temperatures are already putting a burden on air conditioning systems. In August, temperatures in Bonita Springs reach an apex.

The average temperature is more than 88° Fahrenheit. It is not uncommon for temperatures to break 100° F throughout the summer.

What does this mean for your AC unit? The AC is running constantly to keep up the desired room temperatures. For many homeowners that fail to keep up with AC maintenance, this means their unit eventually fails.

Is your AC not blowing cold air near Bonita Spring, Florida? Read on to explore topics such as AC repair services and who to call for AC blowing warm air.

Reasons for Air Conditioner Blowing Warm Air

There are many different reasons behind a home AC blowing warm air. In some cases, there is a simple and inexpensive repair.

Other failures require professional diagnosis and repair. Continue reading for a breakdown of common reasons why your AC is not working properly:


If you are lucky, the thermostat is the reason your AC is blowing hot air. Replacing a thermostat or its batteries is one of the simplest maintenance steps to perform.

For some, it may be as simple as switching the fan from on to auto mode. Try lowering your thermostat to a low temperature to see if the AC starts pushing out colder air.

Power Issue

Your AC unit may not be receiving power. This is a potentially easy fix as it may be a tripped amp breaker or a blown fuse.

However, power issues may be more ominous. Wiring or other electrical issues may necessitate expensive rework.

Evaporator Coil

When warm air passes through the AC unit, the evaporator coil extracts heat with its refrigerant. The air is cooled and then re-routed throughout your home.

If warm air is being sent instead, it is possible that the evaporator coil is not working. Your service technician may determine new refrigerant is required or a replacement evaporator coil.

Another possibility is that the evaporator coil is frozen. This occurs when hot air is not extracted by the coil.

There are a few reasons why your coil may not be receiving warm air. Clogged air filters and coils covered in dirt and grime are two of the most common reasons.

Air Compressor

Your compressor is responsible for taking hot gases and compressing them into vapor. It then passes the hot vapors to the AC condenser for the final step of the process.

Failure modes include contaminants entering the system. Metal particles or rust are capable of blocking the refrigerant flow. Severed wiring is also a possibility that necessitates professional repair.

Is the AC Not Blowing Cold Air in your Bonita Springs, Florida Home?

A lack of cold air in your home is a major problem leading to the summer months. The root cause could be several different issues with your AC unit.

The best course of action is to call in a professional service technician to inspect and repair your unit. If you have an AC not blowing cold air near Bonita Springs, Florida, contact us today to schedule an appointment.