Florida is the hottest of all of the states in the nation. It’s no wonder we love our air conditioners down here.

Living in a tropical paradise calls for plenty of AC. Steady use can wear your unit out or worse — cause it to break and costing you a lot of money.

Maintaining your unit is not only important but helps you take steps to save 20 to 50 percentĀ off cooling costs too. Check out our air conditioning maintenance Bonita Springs tips to keep cool!

Safety First

Safety is key. Shut off power to the unit when working with moving parts and electricity.

You can do that by turning off the breaker on the inside of the house. You can also find an exterior shut-off box by the exterior condenser/compressor

Make Your AC Work Smarter, Not Harder

Improving your AC’s efficiency might be as easy as helping it work smarter, not harder. Look around your house to see if there are ways to improve temperature retention.

Upgrade your insulation, seal up any cracks where air is leaking, and consider getting your windows tinted or putting up drapes. It helps keep your home cool so your AC isn’t working overtime.

Remove Debris

Leaves, dirt, and other gunk can clog your AC unit. Remove debris to keep it from building up and damaging your unit.

Trim any trees that are nearby. Gently spray your unit once it’s turned off to knock off any dirt and dust.

Change Your Filter

Changing your filter is one of the easiest HVAC maintenance tips that makes a big difference. Try to do it twice a year when the weather changes to hot or cold.

Unblock Your Evaporator Drain

Your AC unit uses an evaporator coil to cool your home’s air. Humidity between the warm air and the cool air builds up on the coil then drips down into a pan.

The water in the pan flows into an evaporator drain tube. Algae, debris, and mold can cause a blockage.

Look for a PVC pipe leading out of the evaporator coil enclosure. Once you find where the drain ends, you can clean it with a wet/dry vacuum.

Make sure you remove the filter from the vacuum before cleaning the drain so as not to ruin it.

Defrost Your AC Coil

Does your coil seem frosty? That could mean there’s a leak somewhere in the system.

Keep your system running smoothly by checking for any leaks first. Then turn off the AC or just use the fan to defrost the coil.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Bonita Springs Tips and Tricks

These few tips and tricks are great for air conditioning maintenance Bonita Springs Florida living. A little bit of preventative and general maintenance goes a long way to keeping you cool.

Living in Florida is like being on vacation unless your AC runs out. Stay frosty by checking your air flow and temp from time to time.

If your AC starts acting up, don’t panic. Reach out to our pros to schedule your maintenance appointment today!